14 Great Austin Spots for a Toddler Birthday Party

Toddlers are so much fun to celebrate! They have big feelings, but that includes big feelings of happiness.

If you’ve got a toddler having a birthday, you should definitely throw a party — not just for them but for you too. You’ve survived babyhood and are surviving toddlerhood!

Since a toddler probably won’t remember their birthday party, keeping it simple is perfect. You want a place where the kids will have fun and where grown-ups can supervise without worrying too much. I’ve got some awesome recommendations for toddler birthday parties around Austin.

Best spots for toddler birthday parties

Turf Areas

Turf is easy on little ones’ feet and minimizes what they can find to put in their mouths! These spots are also largely fenced in, so it’s easy to keep an eye on everybody.

1. Littlefield’s

Central Austin


Not only is this a fun spot for toddlers and their guests, it’s also so pretty — the photos will be so cute. There’s a big turf area with a hill/tunnel, blocks, and a chalk board, and the patio is beautiful. You can contact them about booking a private event or just have someone go early to grab a spot!

Worth noting: the parking lot is small and the parking options otherwise are street parking on the residential street. There is a bathroom; it’s across the parking lot in the corner of the apartment buildings. You may need to ask for a code.

2. Easy Tiger South

South Austin

Easy Tiger South

This fenced-in turf spot on South Lamar is great for toddlers and their parents! Grab a table or two in the outdoor area by the turf and let the kids run free. There’s a tunnel and normally a few toys there.

Grown-ups can have beer or coffee, everyone can order a meal or a snack, and they offer tons of pastries and breads baked on site if you need more sweet things besides cake!

3. The Hive

South Austin

The Hive

Your toddler can run around the turf area at The Hive for hours! There are a bunch of small play houses and ride-on toys there. Not to mention the two-story play house with slides and the saucer swing that always seems to attract all the kids.

Coffee, beer, and food available here as well!


If you don’t want to worry about weather (coming up with a bad-weather Plan B can add extra stress), choosing an indoor venue is ideal. There are lots of fun indoor play places around Austin that are great for toddlers.

(And remember: there’s nothing wrong with holding a birthday party at your house! If that’s simpler and more budget-friendly for you, do it! Some of the best parties are at home with friends and family.)

4. Indigo Play

North Austin

Indigo Play

Indigo Play has a huge 3-story playscape for bigger kids, but it also has several areas perfect for babies and toddlers. There’s a big soft play section where big kids aren’t supposed to go, a pretend town area and a sensory room.

5. Almost Grown

Dripping Springs

Almost Grown Play Cafe

This little cafe was made for small kids! It has little slides, lots of toys, soft blocks and lots of pretend play. Go shopping at the grocery store, take it home to your kitchen to cook it, head to the doctor, or build yourself a house.

There are lots of tables for the grown-ups to sit and chat while the kids have fun.

6. Pikopye’s Town

South Austin or Lakeway

Pikopye's Town

There are two locations of this adorable pretend town. The one in South Austin is more of a typical main street theme, with fire station, cafe, construction site, hair salon, and more. The one in Lakeway has a mountain town theme, with a camper trailer, fishing spot, grocery store, horses to ride, and lots of other fun areas.

Pikopye’s Town has lots of space for parents to mingle.

7. Family Barn


Family Barn

This little play space/coffee shop is perfect for little ones — the play area is fenced in but parent can see most of the space from where they sit and relax! There are spots for imaginary play (grocery, doctor’s office, fire station), plus lots of ride-on toys, a ball pit and slide, and a little bounce house perfect for toddlers.

8. Little Land

Several locations

Little Land Cedar Park

You can’t go wrong with one of the Little Lands around town! They are made for small kids to climb, explore, and play freely. While they all vary a little bit, you’ll typically find equipment for swinging, balancing, building, and just being a toddler.

9. Play Street Museum

South Austin

Play Street Museum

Play Street Museum opened its first location in Austin this year, and it is so cute for little kids. Toddlers can wander around and pretend in the grocery store, doctor’s office, vet, house, and cafe. There’s also a big train table, craft area, fun recycling truck and dinosaur toys.

10. Tot Box Cafe

Round Rock

This adorable spot is toddler-sized and perfectly contained so that adults can enjoy themselves too. There’s a party room so you have your own space to host and the play area has pretend town elements, a slide and ball pit, ride-on toys and more.

Playground and Food

11. Brentwood Social House

North Central Austin

Brentwood Social House

Brentwood Social House’s fenced-in backyard makes it a fun and easy spot to host a party. There’s a boat playground that both small and big kids love, and lots of tables spread around for grown-ups to hang out.

You can get coffee, canned beer and yummy food here.

12. Meanwhile

East Austin

Meanwhile Brewing

If you’ve been to Meanwhile Brewing, you know that people LOVE it as a spot to host a toddler birthday party. It’s fun for parents and kids alike. Toddlers will like the tree house, slide and balance beam; parents will like the shade, food trucks and coffee and drink options!

Get there when it opens to grab your favorite table and hang some decorations!

13. Winston’s


You’ll love the aesthetics of this white, fenced-in playground on the patio of this cute coffee and pizza shop, and your toddler will love playing on it! It’s easy to keep track of all the kids while the adults sit at the covered picnic tables and relax.

14. Progress Buda


The great patio space at Progress Coffee + Beer Buda is perfect for meeting up with friends and celebrating your toddler. The little playground is so fun for little ones and preschoolers.

I hope this helped you find the perfect spot for your little one’s birthday party (or provided some inspiration). Whatever place you choose, everyone will have a great time!

Want more ideas for where to take your toddlers? Check out all the restaurants with playgrounds or the pizza places with play areas.

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