Best Indoor Birthday Party Ideas in Austin

Texas weather is unpredictable (or just straight-up scorching), so you can’t always count on an outdoor birthday party for your kids. If you want to take the weather guesswork out of it (and don’t want to clean your house), check out one of these indoor birthday party ideas in Austin for your kid’s next birthday.

And normally when you host your party at an indoor place, someone else helps you run your party so you don’t have to stress over it!

Best spots for indoor birthday parties

Indoor Play Places

Catch Air

We’ve hosted a party at Catch Air and been to parties at Catch Air, and the kids always have an awesome time at this space-themed play place. In fact, my daughter wants to have her party here next year. You get a party room for 30 minutes with a special gold chair for the birthday kid.

Catch Air

Indigo Play

This is another spot we’ve been to for parties and hosted our own. There are several spaces for different age kids, and the big playscape is giant — adults can fit in it too! You get a set of tables where you can set up for the 2 hours of your party.

Urban Air

This is a fun spot (with several locations) to host a party where the kids will run around and burn off their energy before they go home! Each location is a bit different but you can find some combo of trampolines, obstacle courses, ball pits, rock climbing, sky courses and playscapes.


You can book a party room or a table at this trampoline park. There are lots of trampolines with foam pits, games, and things to jump off of, so all the kids will be exhausted by the time they’re done celebrating. It does get wild here on the weekends, so be prepared for chaos!

Little Land

If you’re having a party with lots of toddler and preschoolers, Little Land is the perfect place for everyone to enjoy themselves. Things to climb on, swing on, slide on, and more. You can host a private party or a semi-private party.

Pikopye’s Town

Pikopye’s Town is super cute (both locations are equally cute but a little different) and perfect for kids’ parties up to about kindergarten age. Kids can play in a little town setting (complete with grocery stores, bakeries, fire stations, vets and more) while grown-ups supervise from a distance or play with them.

Pikopye's Town Lakeway

Almost Grown Play Cafe

Almost Grown Play Cafe in Dripping Springs is a great space for parents to easily supervise while kids explore. It’s one big room with tables and lots of toys and imaginative play.

Splash Shack

Even if you have a winter birthday, you can have a pool party! This indoor splash park is great for toddlers through elementary school, and parents don’t have to worry about any deep pools. There are lots of slides, sprayers, dumping buckets and space to play.

Splash Shack


Check with your local gymnastics gym to see what they offer for birthday parties. These can be some of the most fun and most affordable parties. You often get full run of the gym while no one else is there, and the kids get to try all the equipment.


For kids that love helping in the kitchen (or just love eating!), a cooking birthday party would be a memorable time! And the best part, you don’t have to clean up your kitchen afterward!

Try Foodie Kids, Little Kitchen Academy or Kitchen House!


Love the Thinkery? Host your birthday party here! You get a party room for an hour for up to 30 people, and all your guests get admission to Thinkery for the day, so you can explore and spend as much time as you want there.


Ninja Gyms

Your kids and guests won’t get bored at a ninja party. The ninja gyms around Austin do a great job keeping kids active and getting them to try new things. Whether your kid takes classes at the ninja school or not, you can book a party with them.

Look into Austin Ninjas or Ninja Nation.

Arcades (and Attractions)

Kids go wild for video games, and arcade games are such a fun way to bring that to a birthday party. Your kids will love all of these arcades around Austin. A lot of these spots also have other attractions, like bowling, go-carts, laser tag, mini golf, and more.


You don’t have to worry about entertaining the kids, when the whole theme of the party is the entertainment. If there’s a movie coming out that your kid is excited about, why not just take their friends too and make a party of it? You can go somewhere with a full menu, like Flix Brewhouse, Moviehouse or Alamo Drafthouse, or a traditional theater and buy a bunch of candy and popcorn.


You can make your art lover’s dreams come true (without having to be creative or get your own home messy!) by hosting a birthday party at an art studio.

Check out the options at Ceramic Lodge, Create Process Art Studio, The Nest, Figment Creative, and Cordovan Art School.

Create Process Art Studio

Dart ‘Em Up

If you have a Nerf lover in your house, they might love a party at Dart ‘Em Up! This spot is for kids ages 5 and up, and you can play dart gun tag and video games.

Check out more indoor play places in Austin or ideas for toddler birthday parties!

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