Visiting Deep Eddy Pool in Austin: Guide to Texas’ Oldest Swimming Pool

There’s nothing that sounds better during a Texas summer than a cold swimming pool! Deep Eddy Pool is a classic Austin spot and is a great place to bring kids. Here’s everything you need to know about this spring-fed pool in Central Austin, the oldest swimming pool in Texas.

Deep Eddy Pool is a man-made, spring-fed pool in Austin, Texas. It’s open year-round, is chlorine-free, and has chilly water and a big shallow end.

visiting deep eddy pool

Is Deep Eddy Pool historical?

Yes, it has national historical landmark status. Deep Eddy is the oldest swimming pool in Texas. It was built in 1915 (opened in 1916) and there were all kinds of attractions, like a ferris wheel, trapeze and even a diving horse back then. It has since become a City of Austin park and pool open to the public.

How cold is Deep Eddy Pool?

Deep Eddy is spring-fed so it is chilly! It stays between 68 and 75 degrees all year. It feels great on a hot day, but small bodies may need to take lots of breaks.

The temperature is similar to Barton Springs. The difference between Deep Eddy and Barton Springs is that Deep Eddy is more of a typical-looking pool — concrete, man-made without fish and rocks on the bottom.

Where is Deep Eddy?

The pool is in Central Austin, just west of Mopac on the north side of the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail. The address is 401 Deep Eddy Ave.

View of the shallow end of Deep Eddy Pool

Where do you park for Deep Eddy?

Deep Eddy has a small parking lot, and if you go early in the day, you may find a spot (we went mid-morning on a Sunday and got a spot after circling a couple times). Otherwise, look for street parking or park under Mopac off Stratford and take the pedestrian bridge over the lake to get to Deep Eddy.

Is Deep Eddy good for kids?

Deep Eddy Pool is great for kids! The zero-depth beach entry makes it really easy for kids to get in and out, even toddlers. And there’s tons of shallow area, so even if it’s busy, you can find space to splash around or swim.

The pool goes from zero-depth entry up to 8 feet deep on the far end where the lap lanes are.

The hardest part for small kids will be the cold water. My 5-year-old doesn’t like cold pools and starts to get shivery after a half hour or so. The nice part of Deep Eddy is that she can just put her feet in while her body warms up if she doesn’t want to be all the way in the pool.

I love Barton Springs, but I think Deep Eddy is easier to visit with small kids than Barton Springs. It has much shallower water and it’s easier for them to get in slowly, instead of having to put their whole bodies in immediately. It’s also less slippery on the bottom.

Barton Springs is great if you want the skyline view and the natural pool feel; Deep Eddy is the better choice if you want the cold, chlorine-free water but think your kid may do better with shallow water.

View of Deep Eddy Pool from the upper level

What should I bring to Deep Eddy?

Bring all your swim gear, of course — towels, goggles, floaties, sun protection because there’s not much shade over the water. Also bring your picnic blankets to spread out on the lawn area to take breaks.

Can you bring food to Deep Eddy?

No food is allowed down the stairs in the pool or lawn areas. But you can eat on the top level where you enter. There are some picnic tables up in this area, as well as a snack bar that sells hot dogs, empanadas, Jim-Jim’s Water Ice and other snacks.

Is Deep Eddy Pool free?

Entry to the pool is free during the colder months — from November until mid-March. From spring break (for Austin ISD) through the end of October, you have to pay to enter. Fees range from $2 to $9 depending on age and residency.

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