Visiting the Troll in Austin: What You Need to Know About the Pease Park Troll

Have you seen there’s a new troll sculpture in Austin? In March 2024, Austin got a troll made by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. He has created these giant trolls all over the US and around the world using recycled and found materials.

This troll’s name is Malin, and she is 18 feet tall, sitting among the trees in Pease Park. Dambo and local volunteers constructed her out of 80% recycled, repurposed or found materials. Some of it is even wood from the old water tower at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus, and there’s seating made from a popular old pecan tree in the Govalle area that died.

If you’re hoping to visit this public art, here’s what you need to know.

Where Is the Troll?

Malin the troll is in Pease Park, near the Kingsbury Commons section at 1100 Kingsbury St. She is among the trees near Shoal Creek and the creek crossing, where the trail continues north from Kingsbury Commons.

If you’re walking from the park entrance at Kingsbury and Parkway, walk past the playground and the treehouse, continuing on that path until it turns left near the creek. The troll is there on the left just after you take that left turn.

Malin the Thomas Dambo troll in Pease Park, Austin

Where Do I Park?

The parking can be tight at Kingsbury Commons — just a small lot and limited street parking on Parkway and Kingsbury — but you can park for free every day at the Austin Rec Center parking lot (1301 Shoal Creek Blvd.) or on weekends at the ACC Rio Grande Campus car park (824 W 12th St.).

Both of these extra parking areas are a 5-10 minute walk on the Shoal Creek trail (they’re next to each other, with the skate park in between). Cross Shoal Creek Blvd., and take the trail north until you see the sign for Kingsbury Commons. You’ll turn left across a little bridge and then be in the park (basically on the opposite corner of the park from Malin the troll).

There is also a bit more street parking up Kingsbury St. near Windsor St. E and 24th St, and then you can walk down the Shoal Creek trail to the troll.

Pease Park

While you’re there, check out what else Pease Park has to offer. One of my favorite spots in the city is the treehouse. It looks like a giant orb and has a rope net that acts like a trampoline or hammock that you can run or lay on, or go underneath.

The playground has areas for big and little kids to climb, swings, spinners and more. During the summer months, there’s a small splash pad. There’s also a large open area perfect for picnics!

For more playground recommendations, check out this blog post or see this guide to indoor play places.

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