6 Best Splash Pads in Austin’s Northern Suburbs

Some of the absolute best splash pads in the Austin area are in the suburbs up north! Even better, some of them open up as early as April and most are open several weeks before the city of Austin opens all of its splash pads.

So if you’re looking for a fun place to cool off with your kids (where you don’t have to get wet or worry about the hassle of a pool), check out one of these amazing spots.

(Or find a splash pad nearest to you on this map!)

Lakewood Park in Leander

This is THE best free splash pad in the area. It’s huge and has lots of different areas, so small kids can stay at the calmer area and big kids can spray, get sprayed and splash in waterfalls.

Brushy Creek Lake Park in Cedar Park

Brushy Creek Lake splash pad is large but mostly fenced in, making it easier to keep an eye on your kids. There are a few tables and benches inside the fence, or you can choose a shaded table outside the fence.

Your kids can play in lots of different water features. They rotate which ones are on at any given time, so kids run from one to the other.

Stone Hill Park in Pflugerville

In the perfect location between the bathrooms and the picnic tables, the Stone Hill splash pad is a cute little area great for smaller kids. There’s also a small playground here, but it’s mostly rope structures, which makes it hard for the littlest kids.

Falcon Pointe Splash Park in Pflugerville

No playground here, but a really fun splash pad with a few shade structures. There are small fountains that’d be great for toddlers and a big dumper bucket for older kids.

Garey Park in Georgetown

This big open splash pad turns on pretty early in the year. It’s a great one to know about for those very first warm days!

It’s right by the playground, so make sure you plan for your kids to do both. (I’m thinking a change of clothes or two!) There’s a little river with some fountains, a big sprayer out of a windmill and a bunch of horse squirters.

The shaded pavilions nearby are a good spot to sit and watch your kids. Please note, there is an entrance fee to enter the park.

The Quarry Splash Pad in Williamson County

If you’re looking for a bigger splash pad where you can spend a big chunk of the day, the Quarry is perfect. It’s a couple bucks per person to enter, and it has lots of fountains and waterfalls and water cannons.

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